Top 10 Self-care Rituals for Today’s Woman

We, women, take the weight of the world on our shoulders, offering love, compassion, and understanding to those around us.  And we lose sight of ourselves in the process.  It’s time to recenter and rebalance our lives with self-care rituals.  Only you can make the decision to put yourself first and help your body and mind to heal themselves.  Aim to make the biggest personal impact first without beating yourself up.  You deserve to turn some of the love and compassion that you offer to others around and nurture yourself!

#1 – Nutrition Is Foundational

Use your fork to reset our health and rebalance your body!  Food and beverages need to convey the right messages to your body, so you need to start adding in the good and subtracting the bad.

Quick changes you can make today include:

  • eat the rainbow with fruits and veg
  • whole foods
  • green smoothies
  • savory breakfasts
  • ditching sugar
  • avoiding inflammatory foods

#2 – Motion Is Life

Moving your body reduces stress, supports heart health, and allows key nutrients to get into the body, in addition to assisting chemical messages to transmit through the body.

Do what you love when exercising!  Moving your body in any form or fashion is beneficial, so take that salsa dance class, try some hot yoga, spin your way to sweat, or just enjoy a casual after-dinner walk with a loved one.  Even chasing your kiddos or grand-kiddos around the yard counts!  Try having a playlist ready for impromptu dance parties to relax, release, and unwind!

And don’t underestimate the recharging power of Nature.  Fresh air, sunlight, and a natural environment all benefit our internal balance.  Even doing yoga outdoors can lower your cortisol levels and do wonders for your body and soul.

#3 – Hydrate

Did you know that not drinking enough water can cause premature aging, inflammation, and gut issues?  70% of adults experience chronic dehydration that can wreak havoc on their bodies.  I recommend starting your day with a quart of water (16 oz.) whether in a smoothie or plain with a spike of lemon juice.

Drink up!   Always carry a bottle along with you and infuse it with berries or lemon if your tongue needs some pizzazz.  Check out my blog on amping up your water with high-quality essential oils.

#4 – Reduce the Stress

Women constantly allow stress to rule their days and barely take time to unwind or relax.  This creates a cortisol overload in our systems, causing our bodies to think we are in survival mode.  In turn, the body shuts down unnecessary systems, like our reproductive and digestive systems, in favor of fueling our periphery for a flight-or-fight response.  And so it goes…for years…until our bodies don’t know which way is up and our hormones are completely out of whack.

Do yourself a huge favor and reduce your stress levels today.  Awareness is the first step.  And don’t just assume that you function well on stress.  Because it’s a lie that we tell ourselves.  Promise yourself you will choose things that benefit your mind, body, and soul.  And say NO! to the rest!

#5 – Schedule Personal Time

A supreme step in reducing stress is making a permanent appointment with yourself.  Don’t just pencil yourself in; make “me-time” a non-negotiable in your life, even if it’s just 5-10 minutes to start.  Read a book, take a bath, go on a hike, get a massage, indulge at a café, have lunch with a friend, cook your favorite meal…whatever makes YOU happy!

#6 – Essential Oils for Aromatherapy

Look no further than high-quality essential oils for a quick and sustaining way to reduce your stress and increase your focus instantly.  EOs bridge the gap to creating healthy habits from eating to working out and getting a restful night’s sleep while supporting the body’s systems.  They are the first thing that I reach for in the morning and the last thing I do before going to bed at night.

All you have to do is breathe in the oils straight from the bottle and they instantly begin to work their magic.  Try aromatherapy jewelry for sustained balance, wear the EOs as a perfume over pulse points, or utilize a diffuser throughout the day for long-lasting support.

(My favorites to reset stress levels include a blend of Lavender, Bergamot, and Ylang Ylang.  And check out this blog on 7 Essential Oils to take you from Stress to Zen!)

#7 – Deep Breathing

I cannot stress the importance of deep breathing enough!  Train yourself to breathe through your diaphragm so that your belly goes out when you inhale and sucks in when you exhale.  No moving your shoulders, no shallow breaths.  Your body calms itself when you breathe deeply, sending it the message that stress is low and you are in control…even if you aren’t!  Slow your heart rate and catch yourself in a deep-breathing moment when you feel yourself start to unravel.  Set your alarm to go off every 3 hours and take five to do 10 deep breaths.  It will eventually become second-nature!

And don’t forget to start your day – even before you get out of bed – with some deep breaths to nourish yourself before the craziness of the day begins!

#8 – Heart Awareness

I’m currently obsessed with GPS for the Soul, an app that measures your HRV (Heart Rate Variability) with the camera on your phone.  This measures the time between each heartbeat as an indicator of resilience.  It is Heart Math Technology, proven to help you to reset your cortisol levels and DHEA.  Give it a shot!  It’s great for mindfulness of your body’s function.

#9 – Spiritual Practice

One of the best differentiators between a woman who feels empowered and vital versus overwhelmed and cranky is a spiritual practice.  Even 5 minutes of prayer or Zen meditation can change your game.  Let apps guide you in Zen meditation, like Simple Being for 5-30 minutes of guided meditation or join some focus groups for prayer, faith study, or meditation. Using a calming essential oil during your time will further enhance your calm.

#10 – Inspiration

Start with finding the things that bring joy to your life.  Find wisdom, seek understanding, learn to love yourself, and inspiration will be all around you.  It may take some adjusting your world-view to view life from a positive, powerful angle, but you can do it.  From the tiniest bubble to amazing vacations, inspiration can drive us to move forward in our lives with a focus on self-love and self-care.  You deserve it!

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