#284: What a Continous Glucose Monitor Taught Me About My Metabolic Health

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In This Episode:

I had some crazy breakthrough moments over the last month of seeing how different foods affect my blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity. Who knew sushi would be such a big culprit for me??

But through this journey of continuously monitoring my blood glucose levels, I also reinforced some beliefs I’ve held for a while: what you eat matters. How you pace your day and schedule your food and exercise makes a difference.

Whether you have invested in a continuous glucose monitor or are just looking for ways to stabilize your body’s levels, this episode will give you simple, actionable steps to identify your triggers and reclaim balance and insulin sensitivity naturally.

  • Why I decided a continuous glucose monitor was right for me, especially being over 40 and postpartum
  • The importance of metabolic flexibility, especially during perimenopause and menopause
  • Surprising (and some not-so-surprising) foods that disrupt your blood glucose and insulin balance
  • Simple diet, lifestyle, and daily tips to help you reclaim your metabolic health from home, safely and naturally

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