#225: What My Miscarriage Taught Me About Surrender

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In This Episode:

I am choosing to share my story because no one deserves to experience a pregnancy loss in silence and shame. I see you, and I acknowledge your loss and grief right alongside you. 

It’s time to stop silencing women or shaming them when they have a different journey to motherhood. My hope is that by sharing my story, you will feel empowered to own your story and your journey too. 

Ultimately, my miscarriage taught me that the control over the course of my life is out of my control…but that’s ok. All I have to do is honor my body to the best of my ability. 

Tune in today to hear…

  • My story of discovering I was pregnant to losing the baby at about 6 weeks
  • How the grief over our loss affected both my husband and me
  • What I did to approach a pregnancy after experiencing a loss
  • A preview of the natural processes I followed to get pregnant at age 40 and sustain a healthy pregnancy

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