10 Ways to Love Your Liver

The liver is a vital organ that helps to filter through your daily hormonal production.  If the liver becomes sluggish due to bad habits, then you can bet that your hormones will be out of whack too.  Loving your liver is just one of the many ways that you can use positive self-care to support your body in its own healing miracles. Check out these 10 amazing ways to keep your liver supported and healthy. Daily support is key, so love your liver today!


You have heard me say this before: you are what you eat. Keep those nasty processed foods, sugary treats, refined carbohydrates, and unhealthy fats out of your cabinets and focus on the green.  Adding fiber in the form of dark leafy greens will also help the balance, and my favorite green smoothies can help you achieve this goal first thing in the morning.  Certain foods are also helpful in cleansing your liver, such as dandelion greens and avocados.

Meat should be included as well, but limit red meats.  Be sure to add in healthy fats like nuts, seeds, and fish like salmon.

Turmeric is one of the most powerful liver cleansers out there, so including it in your diet or taking a supplement might be a great option for you.


Many of us function without enough water to keep our body fueled and often mistake thirst for hunger.  Do yourself a favor and carry around a water bottle with you to keep that filtering process supported. Looking for a way to jazz up your water intake?  Check out my Water Infusion blog for some great recipes.


In order to open up those detoxification pathways, you need a quality B-Complex vitamin that includes folate and B12.  Listen to your body while taking it, and if things don’t feel right, you can just take methylated folate and B12 by itself. Essentially Whole Active B Complete contains all the necessary B vitamins in proper balance to supply exactly what your cells need. Click here to get it now!


Consistent exercise is the key to burning triglycerides for fuel and can help you reduce liver fat.  Check out my blog post The Internal Benefits of Working Out for more information.


Liver cells can be damaged by exposure to toxic chemicals, so try to avoid exposure by using natural cleaning products and beauty care products as often as possible.  And don’t smoke! If you are looking for natural alternatives for cleaning and personal care products, be sure to check out the recipes on the blog and in my best-selling book Smart Mom’s Guide to Essential Oils.


Excess of anything can be damaging, and alcohol fits the bill.  Too much alcohol can damage your liver, potentially even scarring it for the long-term.  A healthcare professional can advise you on how much and what kind of alcohol works for you, but you may need to cut it out completely if you struggle with a sluggish liver.


Choline isn’t getting a lot of press, but it is estimated that only 10% of Americans are getting the amount that they need.  Choline-rich foods like eggs and liver can help to replenish and support the body’s natural stores. You can also look into a supplemental form if your levels suffer from genetics or nasty gut microbes.


I’m not talking about doctor-prescribed medications, although they may be playing a role.  I’m referring to frequent use of OTC meds like painkillers like acetaminophen found in Tylenol.  All medications must be first processed by the body, namely the liver, so keeping that number to a minimum will help to keep your liver from being overworked.  A study found that 38% of cases of liver failure and 37% of liver disease were associated with excessive use of acetaminophen.

Popping this whenever an ache or pain happens should not be your first line of defense, because the more pharmaceuticals we ingest, the harder our liver has to work.  You could be doing yourself in by not addressing the root cause of your pain and using acetaminophen as a temporary band-aid. Also, opting for natural healing in the form of essential oils can also help to love your liver.  Try Peppermint and Lavender for headaches or muscle aches.


Fruits are delicious and are my go-to when I feel a sugar craving coming on.  But the fructose in fruit must be broken down into glucose by the liver. If your liver is sluggish, it could create a burden on your liver preventing your body from gleaning the powerful minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that it needs from the fruit.  Stick to low-glycemic fruits like berries, citrus fruits, and apples.


Not only do essential oils help to reduce your exposure to toxins, but they also can take the place of many over-the-counter remedies.  With more than 70,000 chemical constituents able to support the body’s natural functions, essential oils can be your best option for healing.  For promoting liver health, I like to use Rosemary, Geranium, Helichrysum, Turmeric, Frankincense, and citrus oils.

For more information on how to support your body with essential oils, grab my best-selling book, The Essential Oils Hormone Solution.

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