Top 11 Essential Oils to Support Endometriosis

By now you know that I love my oils. They are such a powerful tool that can affect every system of your body. Directly influencing your limbic system with instantaneous circulation to every cell in your body, they offer the potential to help you find relief from your symptoms, calm your mind, and heal your body, supporting your body in healing miracles.

Endometriosis can be daunting, as I discussed in my Essentially You Podcast #108 – What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You about Endometriosis & How to Treat It Naturally. You are not only dealing with the emotional stress of the diagnosis, but the inflammation in your body is also causing physical stress that is painful.

Whether you want help finding symptom relief or calming your anxious thoughts, these essential oils are an easy, powerful solution to add to your daily routine to help you achieve the results you are looking for!


Clary Sage essential oil is a powerhouse for women’s health, and is known in oily circles as “the best oil for your time of the month.” Not only can it help to balance estrogen levels, but it also can calm your nervous system by reducing cortisol levels, which allows your body to get the rest it needs to heal. (1) It also can help relieve the uncomfortable menstrual symptoms like cramping when you use it topically! (2)


Since endometriosis is primarily an inflammatory disease related to your immune system, Frankincense essential oil is one you definitely want to have on hand! It can stabilize your immune responses, cut down on that inflammation that is making you feel worse, and even balance cortisol levels to help relieve your stress. (3,4)


Copaiba is another powerful essential oil that can keep your body’s immune and inflammatory responses in check, help your cells function properly, and relieve pain that is associated with your endometriosis. (5) It can even help to keep your gut healthy and detox your system. (6) Since issues with either digestive inflammation or toxic load could be making your endometriosis worse, this is a great, versatile oil to keep nearby.


Both energizing and soothing, Peppermint essential oil is a must-have. Use it diluted topically for a tingly-cooling sensation that relieves discomfort and awakens your senses to find the energy and calm no matter what you are facing. (7)


Endometriosis is spurred on by the inflammation that builds up in your body. Cypress essential oil is a great one to encourage proper circulation to cut down on the inflammation and remove the toxins that make your endometriosis spread. (8, 9)


Not only is Geranium essential oil a great mood-booster, it can also relieve both the physical and emotional symptoms that go along with your period. Women who used Geranium essential oil in a massage reported significantly less cramping and discomfort during their periods, so you will definitely want to keep this one in your stash! (10) Plus, rub it through your hair to add instant shine to your mane!


Spicy and soothing, Ginger essential oil is another great oil to increase your circulation, cut down on that annoying bloating that can stick around before or during your period, and help keep your digestive system healthy. (11) Add it to your food or rub right on your tummy for instant relief.


Inhaling the scent of Rosemary essential oil either aromatically or through a massage will refresh you and relieve your tension. (12) It is also helpful to regulate your immune system and soothe inflammation, (13, 14) while giving your memory a boost at the same time!


Lavender essential oil has so many daily applications. Specifically for endometriosis, its anti-inflammatory and stress-relieving properties work to relieve symptoms like cramping and menstrual pain. (15, 16) Lavender is one I always have nearby to help me keep my calm and relieve stress!

10 – ROSE

Rose is a floral oil that packs a punch for your health. Not only can it help calm you down, but it also relieves pain associated with your period when applied topically. (17) It is a great one to add to your massages and blends for an uplifting, pain-relieving experience, plus it gives you an extra-feminine scent!


If your mood needs a boost, reach for some Ylang Ylang essential oil. Its soothing, calming properties will relieve your stress and help you have a better handle on your emotions, no matter what time of the month it is! (18)

Bonus: Synergistic EO Blends for Endometriosis

Studies show that focused massage therapy using essential oils can have powerful effects on the symptoms of endometriosis. (19) Invest some time in yourself and use some of these oils in your next massage to get a break from your symptoms!

To take the guesswork out of using these oils in your daily routine, here are some of my favorite blends to help you find relief from your symptoms and restore balance to your mind and body.

Menstrual Cramps and Ovarian Cysts Relief Rollerball Blend

8 drops Clary Sage (or Clary Calm) essential oil
6-8 drops Peppermint essential oil
6 drops Frankincense essential oil
6 drops Copaiba essential oil

Place oils in a 10 ml glass rollerball bottle. Top off with fractionated coconut oil, replace top and cap, and swirl to combine. Roll directly on pelvic area and uterus to relieve your discomfort.

Endometriosis Discomfort Rollerball Blend

7 drops Frankincense essential oil
5 drops Clary Sage (or Clary Calm) essential oil
5 drops Cypress essential oil
4 drops Geranium essential oil
3 drops Neroli essential oil (optional)

Add oils to a 10 ml glass rollerball bottle. Top off with fractionated coconut oil, replace top and cap, and swirl to combine. Apply as needed to the abdomen, pelvic area, and ankles for relief.

The Bottom Line

Wherever you are on your healing journey, you deserve to feel your best. You are not your diagnosis. You deserve peace and relief. Essential oils are such a great way to boost your body and help achieve those results you are looking for!

The time for healing is now. You deserve to be well, and I am so thrilled to be on this journey with you! If you haven’t gotten a copy of my best-selling book The Essential Oil Hormone Solution; get one today and explore how you can become the CEO of your own healthcare and support your body in achieving healing miracles!

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