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7 Best Essential Oils for Thyroid Health

You know I love using oils in my daily self-care routine to bridge the gap and give my body the boost it needs. If you are dealing with hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, whether from thyroid issues or an autoimmune disease, the extra symptoms that come with it cause all sorts of discomfort. Helping your body to regulate its hormones and reestablish a balance can’t be done with a daily dose of medicine. Getting to the root of the problem with nutrition, self-care, stress management, and detox will help you reclaim your hidden self!

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#78: How Your Biggest Crisis Reveals Your Greatest Gift with Dr. Debi Silber

When going through a betrayal, it can often feel as though you have no sense of security, and cannot figure out which way is up. Dr. Debi Silber experienced this personally after both familial and marital betrayals and realized that she needed to create a protocol to help women everywhere overcome a crisis. Through her research, Dr. Debi discovered the five stages of betrayal and a new collection of symptoms now dubbed Post-Betrayal Syndrome. Today, Dr. Debi explains the psychology of transformation and human potential so that you can feel empowered to turn your biggest crisis into your greatest gift.

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#73: How Creating An Environment To Thrive Could Be the Missing Link with Maggie Berghoff

If you are living in an environment where you do not feel set up to thrive, it could be the missing link to helping you feel your best. Maggie Bergoff is a functional medicine practitioner and certified nurse practitioner who believes in the power of environment to not only help you get well but stay well. After both Maggie and her mother were able to heal themselves of their respective diseases through natural remedies, Maggie realized the untapped potential of the functional model and has dedicated years of her life to find answers about what is happening inside of our bodies.

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