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#143: How to Give Yourself Grace During Your Biggest Healing Struggles with Arielle Lorre

Arielle Lorre is the creator of The Blonde Files, a platform, podcast and online space that helps others become inspired by imperfection and understand what it really looks like to heal your body in today’s world. After Arielle’s unhealthy lifestyle took a toll and took her to her rock bottom including a PCOS and lymphocytic colitis diagnosis, she decided to make a drastic change and make the necessary lifestyle changes to support her body.

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#139: Eat to Beat Illness with Dr. Rupy Aujla

Dr. Rupy Aujla is living proof of the power of lifestyle and dietary changes when facing an illness. Instead of promoting bland food that makes you rethink your healthy diet, Dr. Rupy preaches flavor as well as function to help you eat illness with foods that you love to eat.

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#137: How to Naturally Heal from Chronic Pelvic Pain with Isa Herrera

A topic that we don’t hear a lot about, yet impacts hundreds of millions of women is the issue of pelvic pain. Over 600 million women worldwide, including Isa Herrera, have had to deal with the confusing work of pelvic floor health only to be left in the dust by their doctors. Isa said no more and is here today to educate you on what you can do about your pelvic pain and teach you how to protect your pelvic floor.

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