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#121: Manifesting & Re-Defining Your Version of Wealth and Wellness with Emma Mumford

What if I told you that you have the ability to manifest the life that you want in a practical and totally doable way? That’s what Emma Mumford, aka the Spiritual Queen from London, is here to talk with us about. After her career in banking lead her to start her own business in extreme couponing, Emma realized her true passion was helping others use the power of attraction to create the lives they desire.

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#54: Manifesting What You Want Through Mindful Movement with Erin Stutland

Are you looking to create big changes in your life in 2019? My guest today, Erin Stutland, has a passion for helping people create positive motion in their lives through mantras and movement. Erin is a mind, body, wellness and fitness expert, and recent author of the new book Mantras in Motion. Today Erin is providing an enlighting approach to creating movement in your life by moving your body.

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#48: How To Create Your Dreams Integrating The Pillar Life Approach with Sheri Salata

For so many of us, our worth has for too long been defined by what we achieve or bring to the table for others. Sheri Salata knows this first hand, as she dedicated over 20 years of her life to a thriving career as the Executive Producer of the Oprah Winfrey Show, co-president of Harpo and OWN, plus much more. Now she is creating her own message through The Pillar Life to share the life lessons that have taught her how to embody a life worth living.

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Essentially You Podcast 035: Sync Your Menstrual Cycle with Your Life with Nicole Jardim

#35: Sync Your Menstrual Cycle with Your Life with Nicole Jardim

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What we’re talking about it this episode!

  • Learn about the 4 phases of your menstrual cycle
  • Tips to get your cycle working for you
  • An emotional perspective to how your cycle correlates with the seasons
  • The best time of the month for productivity, compassion, communication and creativity
  • How to successfully schedule your life around your cycle


Episode Summary:

Understanding how your hormones work is the key to unlocking the best potential in your personal and professional life. Nobody knows that better than my friend Nicole Jardim, better known as The Period Girl. Nicole is a certified women’s health coach and the creator of Fix Your Period, a series of online programs that empower women to regain their hormone health by effectively addressing issues such as PMS, PCOS, infertility and more.

If you ever feel like one week you are killing it and the next you can’t keep it together emotionally, your period could be to blame. You deserve to get more out of having your period, and Nicole is going to share with us all of her tips to get your cycle working for you. We are diving deep into the four phases of your menstrual cycle, which phases can boost your mood and which you should avoid anything important during, and much more.

If you want to learn how to mitigate the effects of stress and reclaim ownership of your period, this episode is for you. Whether you are still figuring out your menstruation journey or are a seasoned pro, Nicole has some great tips to help you start owning your menstrual cycle.

What was your biggest takeaway from this episode? Let me know in the comments below!



“I constantly ask my clients and my friends and the women who come to me, ‘Do you feel like you are on this emotional roller coaster?’ And I would say that pretty much 99% of women say that they do. Especially when they don’t understand these phases of their cycle and the fact that everything changes on a week to week basis.” (10:59)

“What you are going to do is you’re going to start paying attention to the symptoms of your fertility. Meaning you’re going to start paying attention to those cervical fluid changes, you’re going to start to pay attention to the times you feel moody or you feel tired or you feel anxious or you feel very energetic. And once you can start to determine a pattern in this app, or you can even use a notebook or your calendar, whatever you want. That way you can really start to schedule things around your life.” (28:12)

“One of the main problems I see is that we are in such a state of chronic stress or in such alarm mode that our sex hormones are being impacted so severely that we are either losing our periods or were having very irregular ovulation and thus irregular periods, or were having a situation where we just can’t get pregnant… a lot of the time that’s because our bodies are in such a state that they feel fear, they feel scared, and so it’s our goal, i think it’s our sacred duty actually, to really focus on how we can mitigate the effects of our stress.” (33:56)


Resources Mentioned:

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Why Self-Care is the Key to Your Success

Most women I talk to about their self-care routines laugh at me.  “I can’t even get 5 minutes alone in the bathroom to pee!” they admit.  It’s laughable, but also tragic…and I was one of these women for years.  In a world where those with the most energy garner the rewards, we women can sabotage ourselves by directing that energy wholly outward instead of balancing it with inward attention.  While energy created by your mitochondria drives your life force, it can also become easily sabotaged by neglect. Your energy is a direct response to how your nourish and care for your mind and body.

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