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#153: The Root-Cause Factors of Thyroid Dysfunction + Natural Remedies with Dr. Melissa Esguerra

Thyroid dysfunction is something that many people are dealing with, some unknowingly, but many do not know where to get started when trying to fix and treat their thyroid issues. Dr. Melissa is here today to provide a general explanation as to what is going on with your thyroid and present actionable and sustainable choices that you can start making today to help your thyroid.

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Hidden Dangers for Thyroid Health

Did you know that hidden toxins in substances, foods, and even water you drink on a daily basis could be taking a toll on your thyroid health? I have talked to you before about why your body needs to detox, so today I want to really hone in on chemicals that can negatively impact your thyroid gland.

Studies have found that over 150 household chemicals can have a direct impact on your thyroid health and hormone balance. I know that doing some serious targeted detoxification was a major part of my healing journey with Hashimoto’s and a major win in my success story.

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#118: Why Hormone Optimization Is the Key for Women with Dr. Dan Pompa

We all know that detoxing has become an essential part of taking care of your body, but did you know that your cells and hormones also need to cleanse in order to achieve optimal functioning? Dr. Dan Pompa is an expert in reducing your toxic load and is here today to help guide us in ways that we can decrease the toxins and stressors in our life. 

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