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#183: Tips to Instantly Circuit-Break Stress and Overwhelm with Dr. Heidi Hanna

Stress can be highly addictive, and it can take years, even decades to break free of your trauma loop and constant overwhelm. When I discovered that I was stuck in two major limiting beliefs that were keeping me in a state of chronic stress, my body forced me to give my stress response system a break. Today Dr. Heidi Hanna wants to help you gain control over your stress before you to reach your breaking point.

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#178: Are You Addicted to Stress? How to Banish Stress with 3 Strategies

Today is a very special day as we celebrate the 2 year anniversary of the Essentially You Podcast. I am so grateful for this platform to bring you what you want from top experts in the field, and I can’t wait to see where the next year brings us. Today we are living in a very different world than we were last year, or even last month, which is why I want to provide you with ways that you can reduce your levels of stress, boost your immune system and stay focused on keeping you and your family healthy.

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#68: How to Transition Into Menopause With Ease and Grace with Dr. Anna Cabeca

After being diagnosed with premature ovarian failure, or early menopause, at age 38, Dr. Anna Cabeca decided that she was going to fight back, and set off on a trip around the world seeking answers and philosophies. She took what she learned and integrated it into her own life as well as her gynecology patients, resulting in a miracle baby at 42 and the ability to help women overcome their hormonal struggles and transition into menopause with grace and ease.

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I Suffered from Rushing Woman’s Syndrome. Learn My Secrets to Balance

I will never forget when it felt like my body failed me. It wasn’t the first time, but it was surely my biggest wake-up call!

My health crisis happened in my mid-twenties, right in the middle of working on my doctorate, stressing over paying my mortgage, working and taking on too many other priorities. My body hit a wall and I was paying dearly for it.

I was suffering from chronic migraines, insomnia, being 35 lbs overweight, irregular periods and being chronically exhausted. I fell asleep in the middle of class and work several times a week, which was extremely embarrassing. I became unreliable for several months and it created a lot of anxiety.

My body simply stopped working for me…

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