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#133: Understanding Inflammation in the Body and Discovering Your Individual Food Triggers with Dr. Will Cole

One of the biggest causes of disease today can be directly linked to inflammation in the body. While inflammation is not always a bad thing, it can rage out of control quite easily and needs to be addressed early. Everything from joint pain to anxiety can be linked back to inflammation, and it is only by figuring out where you are at on the inflammation spectrum that you can start to create a customized health program that works for you.

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#104: What Exercise and Nutrition Advice is Best For Your Hormones with Sarah Fragoso & Dr. Brooke Kalanick

You know that intense anger that can take over your mind & body until you sustain yourself with something to eat? This could be caused by a trio of hormones known as cortisol, insulin & thyroid hormones. While they aren’t the sexiest hormones out there, they can be game changers when getting to the bottom of the root causes of your symptoms. Sarah Fragoso & Dr. Brooke Kalanick combined their backgrounds in strength & wellness coaching & naturopathic & functional medicine to write the new book Hangry.

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