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EP293-How Stress Contributes to Insulin Resistance, Diabetes and Stubborn Weight Gain-FRIDAY-Q&A

#293: How Stress Contributes to Insulin Resistance, Diabetes and Stubborn Weight Gain

At the end of the day, the big takeaway from this episode is that chronic stress is not doing any of us any favors… especially metabolically. It’s a major player in driving women further into insulin resistance and even pre-diabetes. Luckily, there are things we can do about it, but it’s important that we are consistently implementing those strategies and tools.

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#276: 10+ Surprising Signs Your Stress Is Out of Control + How to Fix It

Today’s episode is devoted to understanding and recognizing when stress is out of control like mine was for too many years. These are things that you may think of as a “normal” part of life, or that they’re inevitable for the world we live in. But really, they are signals that your body is constantly being maxed out, stressed out, and worn out—and it needs to change!

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Phases of Perimenopause: What You Need to Know

The limbo state of perimenopause is a time of profound change and uncertainty with your body. It affects everyone differently, starts at different times, and lasts for different durations. Despite all the unknowns, I want to empower you with the knowledge of what is actually changing in your body so you can own this stage of life like the rockstar you are!

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