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Hannah Bornstein

Why You Should Trust Your Body & 5 Steps to Get There

By Hannah Bornstein, Holistic Health Coach

How many times have you been at a grocery store, restaurant, or even in front of your refrigerator and felt totally confused and helpless about what you should eat? With all the endless food options, mass-marketing from food companies, and new studies coming out every day that tell you a new food that will either kill you or heal you, it can be overwhelming to make the seemingly simple decision of how to nourish your body at any given moment. So what do we usually go for? Either something we know tastes good, something we know we “should” eat (because it’s low-carb, gluten-free, paleo, raw, low-calorie, etc.), or literally whatever’s in front of us. Ok, cool – so what about what your body actually needs?

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