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#118: Why Hormone Optimization Is the Key for Women with Dr. Dan Pompa

We all know that detoxing has become an essential part of taking care of your body, but did you know that your cells and hormones also need to cleanse in order to achieve optimal functioning? Dr. Dan Pompa is an expert in reducing your toxic load and is here today to help guide us in ways that we can decrease the toxins and stressors in our life. 

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#104: What Exercise and Nutrition Advice is Best For Your Hormones with Sarah Fragoso & Dr. Brooke Kalanick

You know that intense anger that can take over your mind & body until you sustain yourself with something to eat? This could be caused by a trio of hormones known as cortisol, insulin & thyroid hormones. While they aren’t the sexiest hormones out there, they can be game changers when getting to the bottom of the root causes of your symptoms. Sarah Fragoso & Dr. Brooke Kalanick combined their backgrounds in strength & wellness coaching & naturopathic & functional medicine to write the new book Hangry.

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#101: The Real Root Causes of Hormone Dysfunction with Vivica Menegaz

In order for you to truly heal and maintain sustainable health, you must nourish your body by feeding it real food that it can put to work to rebuild your organs and glands. Vivica Menegaz has been managing her health naturally since her childhood growing up on the coast of Italy. After struggling with her own health struggles she realized the connection between these common hormonal issues and decided to take her knowledge to the masses.

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