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#128: This Is Your Brain on Birth Control with Dr. Sarah Hill

Usually, when we think about the birth control pill, we think about how it is impacting our reproductive hormones. But did you know that the pill also has a huge impact on your brain chemistry, behavior and ultimately how you experience the world? Dr. Sarah Hill is a leading researcher in evolutionary psychology who has become fascinated with the effects of birth control on our psychology and health. 

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#127: How Your Menstruation Is Regulated in America with Jennifer Weiss-Wolf

Did you know that there are women in the US right now who cannot afford or gain access to menstrual supplies? The passion to bring awareness to menstrual product accessibility for women and girls all over the world is one I share with today’s guest, Jennifer Weiss-Wolf. A gender, politics and menstruation advocate, attorney and the architect of the US campaign to squash the tampon tax, Jennifer is taking her dedication and expertise to the policies and laws that we live our lives by.

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#122: Why Adrenal Fatigue Is a Myth

If you’ve ever felt so exhausted that simply functioning seems like an impossibility you may be suffering from adrenal fatigue. That’s what I was diagnosed with a decade ago. Our adrenals are hormones produced in a set of glands near our kidneys. But here’s the deal, chronic fatigue doesn’t actually start there – it begins up in our limbic, or survival, brain.

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#120: Is Your Doctor Using the Correct Hormone Test…Or Not? with Dr. Carrie Jones

If you have hormonal issues and are having a hard time pinpointing exactly where to start, the DUTCH test, or dried urine total complete hormones, is the test you need to take. Through precise and analytical lab testing, the DUTCH test is something that you can do in your own home without a doctor’s prescription to start taking control of your hormones. Dr. Carrie Jones is a world-renowned speaker and expert in women’s hormones who is the medical director for the DUTCH hormone test.

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