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Essentially You Podcast 001: Become A Healer In Your Home By Reinventing Healthcare with Dr. Mariza

#1: Become A Healer In Your Home By Reinventing Healthcare

Welcome to Essentially You! All about reinventing your health with safe effective natural solutions and powerful lifestyle changes. My goal is to provide you with natural remedies, protocols, and solutions so you can make a decision about your health. We are a community of women navigating decisions about health and wellbeing, and I want to help you become the CEO of your own health care.

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Chicken Sausage Kale Soup FI

Chicken Sausage and Kale Soup Recipe

There are still a few weeks left in Winter, and while I may be experiencing a warmer-than-normal winter in sunny San Diego, many areas in the country are experiencing some of the coldest times all winter. This recipe from my Low G.I. Slow Cooker cookbook will help to warm you from the inside out, and is a piece of cake to throw in the slow cooker.

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Kale and Butternut Squash Saute FI

Kale and Butternut Squash Sauté Recipe

Here is the easiest and most nutrient-dense recipe for you to add to a main dish as a side, or as a vegetarian entree. You can’t really go wrong with kale and butternut squash. A simple, vegetable-heavy dish that will leave you feeling satisfied and not overly full.

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Hannah Bornstein

Why You Should Trust Your Body & 5 Steps to Get There

By Hannah Bornstein, Holistic Health Coach

How many times have you been at a grocery store, restaurant, or even in front of your refrigerator and felt totally confused and helpless about what you should eat? With all the endless food options, mass-marketing from food companies, and new studies coming out every day that tell you a new food that will either kill you or heal you, it can be overwhelming to make the seemingly simple decision of how to nourish your body at any given moment. So what do we usually go for? Either something we know tastes good, something we know we “should” eat (because it’s low-carb, gluten-free, paleo, raw, low-calorie, etc.), or literally whatever’s in front of us. Ok, cool – so what about what your body actually needs?

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Mediterranean Bowl

Try This Super Easy, Heart-Healthy Mediterranean Salad

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right balance between easy, healthy, and delicious food. And when your life is constantly in motion, just finding the time to cook can be a pain, too. Luckily, my cookbooks are full of simple, quick meals with the health-conscious movers and shakers among you in mind.

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