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Essentially You Podcast Blog Feature 86b

#86: The Truth About How Bad Medicine Leave Women Dismissed, Misdiagnosed and Sick with Maya Dusenbery

Chances are at one point or another you have been dismissed, misdiagnosed or not taken seriously when voicing health concerns to your medical practitioner. This is a feeling women know far too often, and it can have a substantial impact on your health and your ability to heal yourself. Maya Dusenbery saw countless women suffering because of the medical communities lack of knowledge, or lack of trust when it came to women’s diseases, and decided to do something about it.

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Essentially You Podcast Blog Feature Theresa D

#55: Why Women of All Ages Should Be Weight Training with Theresa Depasquale

As women, it is so important for our longevity to weight train. Weight training can ensure you have healthy bones, low-stress levels, a supported cardiovascular system and keep your brain healthy. Nobody knows this better than today’s superstar guest, CEO, and founder of Bikini Boss Fitness, author, and entrepreneurial fitness expert, Theresa Depasquale.

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