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EP282-Feeling Burned Out_ Here Are the Top 5 Nutrients Your Body Is Missing-FRIDAY-Q&A-f

#282: Feeling Burned Out? Here Are the Top 5 Nutrients Your Body Is Missing

We are all feeling more tired, more burned out, and more stuck in endless cycles of exhaustion than ever before. But these feelings could be driven by nutrient deficiencies more often than you think! There are 5 critical nutrients that almost all of us are deficient in, especially if you’re dealing with low energy levels and chronic fatigue. The good news is that these are easy to correct when you hear what I have to share in today’s episode!

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#214: How to Feed Your Brain to Better Emotional Wellbeing with Dr. Uma Naidoo

Did you know that what you eat actually plays a large part in how you are feeling? Eating the right foods can improve your mood, prevent a wide range of psychological and cognitive health issues, and boost your emotional capacity. Dr. Uma Naidoo is a board-certified psychiatrist, nutritional specialist, and professionally trained chef, who is here today to share how you can use food as medicine to nourish your body and soul every day.

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#193: How Do You Know You Need a Detox?

On today’s episode, I’m exposing some of the tell-tale warning signs your body sends you to let you know it needs a reset. I’ll give you a hint: if your energy dips throughout the day, or if you have gained weight and don’t know why, or if you just know something’s off, you’re going to want to listen today.

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Essentially You Podcast Feature 71

#71: Why Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition Matter To You with Andrea Nakayama


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In This Episode

  • Differences between functional medicine relative to functional nutrition
  • Key primary tenants found in the institution of functional medicine
  • The massive role diet and lifestyle modification plays in your health and wellbeing
  • Finding a systematic functional approach to medicine that embraces individuality
  • Breaking down the three tiers to genetic and health mastery

After a personal eye-opening tragedy in the traditional medical space, Andrea Nakayama saw a lack of respect and humanity in the field and decided to leave her highly established career to pursue a passion for practicing and teaching functional medicine and nutrition. Since then, Andrea and her team at FxNutrition have changed tens of thousands of peoples lives by providing functional solutions for patients and practitioners to help them heal their health ailments and take back their bodies.


By looking at health from a functional lens, you can begin to see an individual’s symptoms as a whole, with everything being interconnected. Andrea embraces this therapeutic relationship between patient and practitioner, as well as ways to think in systems of interconnectedness, and taking a systematic approach to understanding the complexity of the human body. She believes that by recognizing specific situations when you may need an outside clinical perspective, you can take more ownership as a patient and figure out what is going on inside your body.


Andrea teaches that by tracking how you feel, you can gain a sense of when you need simple course correctors to get your body back to feeling optimal. Today Andrea shares how to make the connection between how you feel and what you do, how to identify your individual non-negotiables, moving from deficiency to sufficiency, and much more. Andrea is embracing a rich new way of life and is bringing her optimistic energy and passion for healing to you.


By recognizing what is serving you and what is not, you can set the foundation to target your body dysfunction and find long-term solutions to bring you sustainable results. Have you embraced the healing possibilities of the functional medical realm? Let us know where you are on your journey in the comments section below. 


“The entire experience woke me up to where we need to go in medicine and what is missing in medicine.” (2:51)


“When you don’t have a limb, you don’t miss having the limb, you just learn to use the other hand.” (14:17)


“We do need a clinical perspective, but from a closer lens to what is being executed each and every day. And that to me is where the functional medicine and lifestyle practitioner exists.” (19:29)


“What it really comes down to is, what do I want? What are my goals, what is not achieving those goals keeping me from in my life? And what am I willing to do to obtain those goals?” (29:41)


“When we are thinking functionally, we can’t think in a protocol. We actually have to understand what works for you, and what doesn’t work for you.” (31:04)


FxNutrition Alliance Website


The Functional Nutrition Lab Food/Mood/Poop challenge

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