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Essentially You Podcast Blog Feature 76

#76: How To Eat For Hashimoto’s and Understanding Food Pharmacology with Izabella Wentz


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What we’re talking about in this episode!

  • Healing Hashimoto’s naturally through food, pharmacology, and nutrition
  • Independent steps you can take to test if you have a nutrient deficiency
  • Understanding why certain foods can upset your body in food pharmacology
  • Which digestive enzymes you should be taking depending on your digestive issues
  • Highlighting the importance of sharing information to help people with autoimmune conditions live better

Episode Summary:

A Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis diagnosis can feel like the weight of the world on your shoulders. Today’s guest, Dr. Izabella Wentz, myself, and 35 million other American’s know what it is like to face this condition head-on. Luckily there are people like Dr. Izabella, who has taken her background in pharmacology and dedicated herself to the understanding the powerful role nutrition can play in healing and even reversing your Hashimoto’s symptoms.


If you are experiencing symptoms common with Hashimoto’s, or you or someone you love has been diagnosed with this condition, it is not the end. Dr. Izabella shows us how to get rid of foods that are causing inflammation in your body, the importance of understanding the role food pharmacology is playing in your bodily symptoms, and how to use your digestive enzymes to get your nutritional deficiencies and gut imbalances in check. By acknowledging the ways your diet is and isn’t working for you, you can remove the things you don’t need and add the things you do in order to stabilize your thyroid and live life worry free.


While it may take some trial and error to understand which nutrients are helpful to you individually, Dr. Izabella is a generous and gracious guide here to help you navigate daily nutritional hurdles and start believing that you deserve to be healthy again. Stop overlooking your thyroid and start implementing Dr. Izabella’s easy to follow solutions to create a lifestyle you love with Hashimoto’s.


Have you tried toying with your nutritional intake to relieve your Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis symptoms? Share your story in the comments section below.


“Really that is how I became a Hashimoto’s expert slash human guinea pig, was just by trying to get my own health back.” (12:30)


“I kind of just decided to take my health into my own hands, and tried different things and eventually some of them worked. So I am happy to share with everybody what the ones that worked were.” (15:31)


“A lot of people are misguided in the nutrition world, where they think they just need to cut out more foods and then they will be perfectly healthy, and that can get into a situation where we actually lose our intuitive ability to pick the foods that are right for us.” (25:04)


“I address not just what to eat, but also how to incorporate it into your life so that it actually becomes easier to eat this way than not eat this way.” (37:20)


“A big part of my healing was believing that I deserved to be healthy and I deserved to be happy, and really investing in myself. So I hope you believe that you are worth it.” (48:43)

Resources Mentioned:

Dr. Izabella’s Favorite 5 Recipes and First Chapter Free Gift


The Hashimoto’s Food Pharmacology by Dr. Izabella Wentz


The Hashimoto’s Protocol by Dr. Izabella Wentz


Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: The Root Cause by Dr. Izabella Wentz


The Hashimoto’s Institute


Thyroid Pharmacist Website


Follow Dr. Izabella Wentz on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn | YouTube


The Essential Oils Hormone Solution by Dr. Mariza

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