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Top 5 Essential Oils for Gut Health

The things we all want more of… energy, healthier bodies, longevity and vitality. However, energy and vitality can be hard to achive in this world inundated by chemicals, preservatives, and synthetic ingredients. Today we must be constantly aware of what goes on around us, what touches us, and what goes into our body and gut. Our modern world is slowly wreaking havoc on our microbiome and our cells.

Of course, no one can entirely prevent the environmental threats from staying away from our bodies at all times. But part of taking control of your own health and wellness involves an awareness of the reactions that harmful substances can cause in our digestive system and overall bodies. Many of us may suffer digestive discomfort on a daily basis not realizing that there are often simple steps that we can take to reclaim our gut health and get back our energy.

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