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Mint Strawberry Water Infusion

Top 5 Tools for Healthy Summer Water Infusions

I started making water infusions five years ago when I came back from an incredible spa experience in Hawaii and had a tropical water infusion that knocked my socks off! I was sold.  I didn’t know that water could taste so good.  I have always liked water, but let’s be honest; water is water!  It lacks flavor.  Over the years I became pretty creative with my infusions and loved that fact that they were super easy to make!

Last year, I took my water infusion game to the next level when my publisher reached out and asked if we wanted to write a book on detoxifying water infusions.  I loved the idea of researching the benefits of water with different healthy ingredients.  I also loved the opportunity to experiment with lots of different seasonal fruits, herbs, vegetables and essential oils.  Not all of our experiments were winners, but we were able to narrow down to a list of 75 amazing recipes.  Read about the book.

In my research I found that 70% of Americans are dehydrated and that chronic dehydration can lead to cellular dysfunction and eventually to things like brain fog, weight gain, mood issues and inflammation.  YIKES!  Luckily, this is easy to solve.  We just need to drink more infused water and have fun with it!

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