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Lime Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

The zesty flavor of limes is not unfamiliar to most of us. From savory dishes to desserts to cocktails, limes have become indispensable in many cuisines. This citrus fruit packs more of a punch than just flavor, though. In Lime essential oil, we are able to harness its significant cleansing and health benefits to aid your body and refresh your mind!

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Citrus Essential Oils: Instant Mood Boosters

Some of the most powerful, instant mood boosters are essential oils, specifically citrus oils. They are “Happy Oils” in my book and allow for the wonderful re-boot we all need.

Simply breathing in citrus essential oils (lemon, orange, grapefruit and bergamot) in aromatically can balance neurotransmitters and boost the feel-good endorphins that promote a sense of well being and happiness.

Check out my favorite essential oil for adding extra abundance in my day and other ways to use them besides breathing them in in this video blog.

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