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Sandalwood Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Sandalwood is one of the oldest, most widely-used oils in aromatherapy. Since ancient Ayurvedic medicine practices to Buddhist meditation, up to Egyptian embalming, it commands a strong reputation of respect in the essential oil community. Sandalwood essential oil has many applications indeed for your internal, external, and emotional health!

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Back to School Essential Essentials: Must-Have Oils

Today, let’s talk about essential essentials – those oils that every family needs for back-to-school support.  Essential oils are a great way to help your kids to succeed in school and to keep their bodies strong in the process.  Emotional and mental health is just as important for kids as it is for adults, but they need to learn how to verbalize their emotions and recognize how life affects them.  Teaching them to recognize their triggers and verbalize how they are feeling are the first steps in creating a positive attitude towards mental and emotional health.  If they are able to talk about their emotions, then they are able to know what natural solutions can support them in their daily lives.  Empowering kids to help themselves is so important…I can just imagine what my life would have been like if I had these tools as a child!

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Frankincense Essential Oil Uses & Benefits

It comes up every holiday season, at every party I attend. “What is Frankincense, anyway?”

December is typically the only time of year Frankincense gets any attention, so I thought I’d shine the spotlight on this essential oil and some of its amazing health benefits.

Frankincense’s first claim to fame was as a gift given by the Wise Men at the birth of Jesus Christ. Regardless of your religious beliefs, you can’t deny the power of this oil and its extraordinary health benefits. In addition to mentions in the New Testament, Frankincense is believed to have been used by the Babylonians and Assyrians in religious ceremonies. Some have even dubbed it the “King of Oils.”

So how can you incorporate this essential oil from the Boswellia tree into your life?

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