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How to Navigate Travel Without Gaining Weight

While most people claim to love to travel, it can actually be a stressful time for many of us.  From airplane anxiety to lack of sleep, scheduling issues to keeping your exercise and diet routines in check, stress levels can boost and send our digestive tract into a tailspin.  Keeping those essential oils handy for stress-inducing situations should be your first line of defense against the trials of travel, but enjoying your adventures while leaving time for self-care also must be a priority.  Easier said than done, right?

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#28: The right skincare for YOU with Dr. Trevor Cates

Tired of choosing between natural and effective skin care? Dr. Trevor Cates is here to dispel the myth that you can’t have quality, all natural skin care products. Dr. Cates is an author, podcast host and world-renowned skin doctor. She helps patients around the world get to the bottom of their skincare issues by working from the inside out. She’s all about clean, non-toxic and quality ingredients and has created her own skincare line to make sure her patients were getting the best natural solution out there.

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Sleeping for Your Hormones Part One - The Hormones Behind the Issue

Are Your Hormones Affecting Your Sleep? (Part 1)

Do you wake up feeling like you’ve never slept? Are you tired but wired every morning by the time you leave the house?  Do you feel too busy to sleep or find yourself saying things like “Sleep is overrated!” or “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” or “I just don’t need that much sleep”? Are you exhausted at night but unable to shut down the mental chatter and relax enough to sleep?

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