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Immunity Part3 Featured Image Edited

Boost Your Immune System: Diffusing, Applying, & Cleaning

The final piece to the immunity puzzle that we have been assembling in this series lies in dōTERRA’s amazing blend specifically designed and formulated to provide immune support and protection – On Guard®. One of the facets about dōTERRA’s company that I appreciate the most is that they truly listen to their customers and Wellness Advocates and attempt to provide what they need the most. Though this sometimes takes years, they only release a new essential oil or blend when they know that it is of the highest quality and that its procurement and development aligns with the standards that they have set for their company. And, as a result, we have one of the most exceptional oil blends on the market – On Guard® Protective Blend – and an array of products developed over the years that contain On Guard as a main component. Why? Because we are serious about immune support. We know that, if our immune systems aren’t functioning at top condition, our bodies begin to shut down piece by piece until we have a litany of problems that cannot be solved with one magic solution. Protecting your body’s immune system is the keystone to the entire body’s balance.

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EO Summit Instagram- feature

Last Chance to Sign Up for the Essential Oil Hormone Summit!

I want every woman who has ever struggled with her hormones to have access to expert advice from pros who’ve seen Essential Oils change lives.

After seeing the healing power of Essential Oils both in my life and in my mother’s life I wanted to put this life-changing information into the hands of every woman. The hormone solutions I created to transform my life and drastically change my mother’s experience of menopause relied heavily on the power of Essential Oils to be effective.

This summit is my gift to you so you too can experience the radical difference Essential Oils can make for your hormone health!

Whether you’re…

  • Already using Essential Oils and ready to unlock the power of hormone balancing…
  • New to Essential Oils and ready to explore effective natural solutions…
  • Struggling with hormones and ready to get your body back on track…
  • Educating about essential oils and want to expand your knowledge…
  • Leading a movement and want to give them the best tools for changing lives…

During the Essential Oil Hormone Summit, you’ll learn insider secrets like:

  • Make-at-home blends that help the thyroid function normally
  • How to detox excess estrogen and cortisol by optimizing liver function
  • Recipes for exhaustion and craving so you can rely less on caffeine and sugar
  • Which oils work the best for menopause and breast health
  • Secret recipes for youthful and skincare so you can eliminate hormone-damaging toxins from your cosmetics and bathroom cabinet
  • Deep self-care rituals and recipes that lower fatigue, stress and brain fog so you can recover your natural hormonal function
  • How to make Self-Care healthcare by creating a powerful morning and evening routine
  • Proven techniques and recipes that hormone doctors and experts use to for emotional and mood support
  • How to confidently navigate hormone fluctuations for PMS, perimenopause, and menopause
  • Why hormones are directly connected to brain chemistry and how to use oils to solve emotional distress

Grab your FREE spotnow!

We deserve natural solutions for our hormones!

Between googling every symptom and the laundry list of questions you already have for your doctor, it’s not easy to find the information we need to use Essential Oils effectively.

With this summit, you’ll get all natural hormonal recipes and blends straight from the mouth of experts who have seen these solutions WORK.

If you want information to Confidently use Essential Oils when it comes to hormones… this Summit has everything you need!

Discover what these experts KNOW about how you can alleviate common hormonal challenges like cravings, brain fog, anxiousness, mood swings, and debilitating fatigue. You’ll also get solutions for common challenges like hot flashes, challenging periods and alleviating long-term stress  — all with Essential Oils!

Join me and 28 of my dear friends and doTERRA leaders for this life-changing event!

And the best part? You can purchase lifetime access to all the interviews for as little as $1 a day AND help women and girls all around the world!

My mission is to help women everywhere “be the CEO of their healthcare.” This means never letting a health challenge stop you from living your fullest life.

When you sign up for this free online summit and purchase the recordings, you’ll be making a contribution to Days For Girls and other organizations through Healing Hands, dōTERRA’s non-profit organization.

By giving girls the education and tools they need to be able to go to school and manage their period, we’re ensuring another generation doesn’t have to be held hostage by her hormones and normal functioning of her body.

Will you join me in making a difference for yourself and for women everywhere?

Join Us Now!


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#37: Five Ways to Rev Up Sex Drive with Essential Oils with Dr. Mariza

If your idea of a hot Friday night is falling asleep in front of the TV, then we need to talk about your sex life. Today’s episode is all about using essential oils and easy lifestyle changes to rev up your sex drive and help you feel like your sexy self again. I’m so excited to share my top 5 tips to help fire up your desire and fix your hormone imbalance.

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Essentially You Podcast 033: The Truth About Hormones and Essential Oils with Dr. Mariza

#33: The Truth About Hormones and Essential Oils

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What we’re talking about it this episode!

  • Straightening out the misconceptions about essential oils
  • Making essential oils part of your medicine and cleaning cabinet
  • How to figure out if your lifestyle is contributing to your hormone imbalance, PMS or menopause
  • Stress and how to manage it better for your body
  • My Top 5 oils to help your body support your hormones


Episode Summary:

Completely burned out and in need of a reset? I got my body back on track through powerful plant-based nutrition, supplementation, and self-care, and you can too! In this episode, I am telling you all about the power and effectiveness of essential oils and the amazing impact they can have on balancing your hormones.

If you are looking for hormone support, essential oils can radically change how well your body functions. These beautiful, powerful plant-based remedies can support your body, endocrine system, and daily self-care habits, and help bring your hormones back into balance.

Learn about the one oil no woman should be without when stressed, which oil can help with deep restful sleep, and how oils can be used to replace the products in your cleaning cabinet and medicine cabinet. By bridging the gap between your bodies hormone-producing glands and a healthy balanced body through all natural solutions you can use essential oils to get your body and life in check.

How do essential oils factor into your self-care and healthcare routines? Let me know in the comments below!



“Stress was always a factor for my hormone issues, and I can admit that. I just didn’t have the right tools at the time, when I was younger, to support me. Until I found oils, and they literally changed everything for me.” (5:50)

“By negatively labeling our hormones as the bad guy, we automatically dismiss our role in the ways that our body functions. It’s so easy to place blame on our hormones but we can’t act like we have no control over our bodies. Hormones are simply chemical messengers, and they are acting in accordance to our behaviors and our environment.” (9:08)

“When I began to see the essential oil and stress connection, I was just so excited at this beautiful solution that works instantaneously. So essential oils are the golden ticket to supporting this transformation in your life as they can bridge the gap from imbalance to balance while you work at recharging your systems by taking care of your overall health first and foremost. (15:45)

“As you are listening to the benefits of all these oils, you can tell they have all been proven for reducing stress levels in the body, and can be used for many other hormone-related concerns. But again they don’t work unless they are in conjunction with other healthcare and wonderful self-care habits. And, most specifically, if you are not using them consistently enough.” (24:18)


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Other Resources:

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