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Top 5 Ways to Support Your Hormones in Your Purse

Have you ever had one of those crazy days?  You’re rushing around with too much on your to-do list today, and your emotions are all over the place.  You’re already running on low because your brain wouldn’t shut down last night to get you some needed sleep.  This tips into today leaving your sluggish brain looping through all of your to-dos. Add in meetings that run late, unanticipated tasks, zero time to fuel your body with food, and an increasing urge to consume caffeine and your body finds itself at its limit.  But wait! Then your period arrives. The perfect storm.

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Rose Essential Oil Uses & Benefits

Are you having a stressful day?  Close your eyes for a moment and imagine that you are walking in a lush, beautiful garden.  Take a deep breath, inhaling the sweet and tantalizing aromas of the glorious flowers surrounding you.  What do you smell? I think one of the first floral scents people often think of is rose, and for good reason.  They come in multiple varieties and colors, many of which have a very pleasing scent. And who doesn’t love roses?  They are a well-known symbol of love and affection. What if you could have access to their lovely scent without having to buy fresh roses all the time…

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Essentially You Podcast 029: Balance Your Hormones with Your Purse with Dr. Mariza

#29: Balance Your Hormones with Your Purse with Dr. Mariza

Many of us are constantly on the go and think we don’t have time to balance our hormones effectively. I am here to help set you up for success anytime and any place by learning how to balance your hormones with your purse! By keeping all of your mood-boosting choices in your purse you will be well equipped to deal with all of life’s little emergencies.

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