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Top 5 Peppermint Essential Oil Benefits

Right next to wild orange is my second favorite oil, peppermint essential oil. These two oils are a power combo for energy, alertness and mood boost. Why wouldn’t I carry them around in my purse?

Peppermint, like lavender essential oil is a Swiss army knife when it comes to health
benefits. This is a must-have for every household for everyday emergencies.

Here are the Top Five Peppermint Oil Benefits

  1. Instant energy boost by breathing, or licking it
  2. Digestive support
  3. Cooling down body temperature
  4. Soothing sore muscles and neck/head tension
  5. Supports the respiratory system

Check out how easy it is to incorporate peppermint oil every day as a wonderful natural remedy in this video.

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Matcha and Green Smoothies: The Perfect Marriage!

Woo Hoo! I am excited to announce my newest and 5th book: The Matcha Miracle! This book was so fun to create, from the researching the many health benefits of matcha green tea to taste testing fun and delicious recipes.

I would love to introduce you to my most favorite way to use matcha every single day. It’s all about adding matcha green tea powder to green smoothies. Could you use more energy? Are you looking for more of the right fuel for your body? Well look no further, because I have the simplest and most nutrient-dense solution that you can make at home in only ten minutes or less. And no — it’s not too good to be true!

I have been drinking green smoothies for the past seven years, and they have forever changed my life! It is one of the single most impactful habits that I do on a daily basis, takes less than ten minutes (including prep and cleanup), and doesn’t break the bank!

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doTERRA Peppermint Essential Oil Benefits & Uses

In the first of many essential oil spotlights, I would like to feature one of my most used and absolute favorite oils: Peppermint Essential Oil!

I use peppermint oil daily and for many different uses.  Historically, peppermint has been used for digestion.  Growing up I consumed peppermint tea for an upset stomach.  One drop of pure therapeutic peppermint essential oil contains the equivalent of 28 cups of peppermint tea!  In addition to aiding digestion, peppermint oil has a number of other uses:

Peppermint Oil Benefits:

  • Clear breathing and healthy respiratory function
  • Promotes alertness and makes you feel energized
  • Acts as a cooling agent
  • A delicious flavor to add to your water
  • And even fresh breath!
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