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Top 10 Reasons To Increase Your Vitamin D Intake

Nutrient deficiencies are one of the biggest roadblocks to achieving hormone balance and whole-body health. When you don’t give your body key vitamins and minerals, you really can’t expect it to work the way it should. One key nutrient deficiency that impacts everything from immunity to hormones, skin health to mood (and everywhere in between) is vitamin D. So here’s the lowdown on why vitamin D is SO important, what role it plays in your health, how you can tell if you need more of it, and the best ways to simply and naturally boost your vitamin D levels.

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Three Must-have Supplements to Reboot Bone Health

Did you know that as you reach your mid-30s, your bones start to decline?  Technically, it’s called bone resorption, but it means that your bones can’t sustain themselves anymore and we lose strength. 

There is a fun little battle between the osteoblasts (cells that form the bones) and the osteoclasts (cells that break the bones down).  Through most of our lives, the osteoblasts are the victors, but once we hit our 40s, those pesky osteoclasts take charge and the scales tip the other way.  Bone loss speeds up; bone formation slows down.

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