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#128: This Is Your Brain on Birth Control with Dr. Sarah Hill

Usually, when we think about the birth control pill, we think about how it is impacting our reproductive hormones. But did you know that the pill also has a huge impact on your brain chemistry, behavior and ultimately how you experience the world? Dr. Sarah Hill is a leading researcher in evolutionary psychology who has become fascinated with the effects of birth control on our psychology and health. 

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#60 What To Know About Perimenopause and Birth Control w/ Dr. Jolene Brighten

Most women get on hormonal birth control for symptom resolution, yet many doctors view birth control as a ‘one pill fits all’ that is used as a band-aid to cover up the root cause of your symptoms. Dr. Jolene Brighten realized this and took her hormonal expertise to set out and create Beyond the Pill, a book aimed at helping control understand post birth control syndrome and the long term effects associated with hormonal birth control.

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