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Sexy Summer Skin With Essential Oil Shaving Products

It’s summertime, so let’s bring out the legs, ladies! I love bringing out that sunny summer wardrobe of cute shorts and skirts. And although the hot weather allows for some skin, it can honestly feel like a chore to keep the prickly legs at bay and stay on top of the extra daily shaving “to-dos.” But ladies, there is a light at the end of this hairy tunnel! Using my own essential oil products makes shaving more of a joy rather than a burden.

But first…have you ever really looked at the labels of women’s shaving gels and moisturizers? I don’t know anybody who willingly enjoys having their skin slathered with nasty chemicals. Parabens are just one of the common chemicals in women’s cosmetics, moisturizers, and shaving gels that are doing more harm than good to our systems.

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