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#148: Hormone Balance Is the Key to Aging with Grace and Longevity with Shawn Tassone

Are you ready for some real talk about how to navigate your hormones in our modern, chaotic world? Dr. Shawn Tassone is a board-certified OB-GYN who specializes in integrative medicine to treat the mind and the body, especially during perimenopause and menopause. Dr. Shawn supports women who are struggling with hormone imbalance through his integrative approach and is here today to share his secrets on how you can live the life you desire in your 40’s, 50’s and beyond.

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Top 10 Supplements to Balance Hormones Naturally - feature

Top 10 Supplements to Balance Hormones Naturally

Sweater weather is upon us and our daylight hours are slowly dwindling. For many of us, fall and winter are the hardest months to stick with our healthy lifestyle goals. This time of year, I am so tempted to skip my workouts, pop some avocado brownies in the oven,and binge watch my favorite TV series.

We tend to cut ourselves some slack during the holiday months because, after all, we still have months before we need to have our bodies beach-ready, right?


The problem with this mode of thinking is that when we slip back into old, unhealthy patterns of poor diet and minimal exercise, while adding in the stress of the approaching holiday season, it takes a huge toll on our immune systems and our health.

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Essentially You Podcast 013: 10 Daily Rituals For Optimal Hormone Balance

#13: 10 Daily Rituals For Optimal Hormone Balance

Today we are talking about two of my favorite subjects, hormone balance and daily rituals. Our hormones play a huge factor in our health, and they affect everything from our mood to our weight. However, because our hormones can be thrown off so easily, it is incredibly common for women of any age to experience hormone imbalance. So today, we’re focusing on daily habits that can have a positive impact on your hormones, and therefore your life!

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The truth about FI

The Truth About Balancing Hormones with Essential Oils

It’s time to take a moment and speak some truth about hormones and essential oils.  A lot of people on a lot of websites share tales of miracle cures for hormone-related issues and promise you that essential oils provide the missing link to the problem you didn’t even know that you had. 

The information superhighway can provide so many benefits to us, allowing us to reach people across the world and share information that enhances our lives, but the dangers are also there.


As a hormone expert, I have become increasingly concerned at the amount of false information out there about hormones and essential oils. Let me share the truth with all of you – essential oils do NOT create hormones. They simply don’t.


What they CAN do, however, is support your body in getting the systems that DO balance hormones back in a stable balance. This is the TRUTH about balancing hormones with essential oils – you can’t do it with EOs alone, but they can definitely bridge the gap between your body’s hormone-producing systems and a healthy, balanced body.

Now, let’s talk hormones for a minute. I feel like they get a bad rap because they are simply misunderstood. They get blamed for everything.

Feeling moody? Ah, hormones…

Not sleeping well? Hormones!

Putting on some weight? Hormones…

They get dismissed quickly as if there was nothing that we could possibly do to control their power over our bodies. We simply must endure the torture that they put us through.




It’s simply NOT TRUE.


You are in charge of your own health.


Not your hormones.


Not your doctor.


Not your insurance company.




And YOU are in charge of your HORMONES.


But in order for you to regain control, you have to take a step back – just like I advise with everything else – and assess your situation.


Here are some questions to ask yourself:


Am I allowing myself to restfully sleep at night, or do my nights function like days?


Am I keeping my stress levels to a minimum or am I riding a constant wave of stress?


Am I fueling my body with a balanced diet or living on a constant barrage of whatever-I-can-find?


Am I keeping my body limber by exercising regularly, or do I count taking the stairs as my workout?


Am I taking time to love myself, using safe, all-natural products on my body, and allowing myself time to breathe each day, or am I crashing and clawing my way through life, from one minute to the next?

Getting your body and your life in check helps you to establish a foundation that your body needs to sustain a healthy and happy life.  Your hormones follow suit with the rest of the systems in your body.  If something is out of whack with one of those systems or there is a consistent case of neglect or abuse to one of them, then your hormones respond or become imbalanced in an effort to save your body.  This causes harmful side effects, as we all know, but it’s our body’s way of saving itself.

Let’s take, for example, your stress levels.  Everyone thinks that stress is an utterly bad thing in our lives, but that is another myth.  Small amounts of stress, or stress in short bursts, are manageable for our body and keep us prepared for rough situations.  It is our body’s way to help us deal with tough situations or challenging circumstances.  Short-term and short-lived, it can motivate your body and mind to get yourself through tough situations.

The problem comes when stress is constant in your life and takes over your world.  Persistent stress chips away at your body’s systems, causing them to weaken one by one until you have major health issues.  Cortisol, the stress hormone, is released to put our body into a survival state.  In brief, it shuts down some systems for a bit in favor of supporting others to get us through a dangerous situation.  For cavemen, this was the difference between life or death.  In the face of a saber-toothed tiger, they relied on their cortisol and adrenaline to get their body away from danger or fight through the scare to get their dinner.  Then levels returned to normal and the dopamine surged from pride at their accomplishment and the satisfaction of a delicious dinner.

But, when in the height of danger, the cortisol shuts down the reproductive and digestive systems to send all of the body’s energy to escaping danger.  This works momentarily in times of panic or extreme danger, but prolonged stress makes the body thing that you are in dire straits, and shuts down the systems to compensate.  No babies would be made because the body is busy surviving.  No intense digestion is needed because the body assumes food will be scarce.  We are talking about primitive responses to modern situations, but the body doesn’t lie.

And what are you left with?  A whole host of issue.  Weight changes.  Digestive issues.  Irritability.  Anxiety. Brain fog.  Mood swings.  And it goes on and on… Many people try to treat each of these issues individually, either with over-the-counter treatments or specific pharmaceuticals that may be causing more harm than good, flooding the body with unnecessary chemicals.  The root of the problem, however, is too much STRESS.

Which essential oils are best for YOUR hormones?

to learn My Top 5 Essential Oils for Hormonal Synergy.

Here are where essential oils can help to bridge that gap.  Studies have shown that simply inhaling essential oils like Lavender and Rosemary can lower cortisol levels by helping the body to calm the mind and relax the body. Diffusing Lavender or Rosemary during times of high stress may be able to help your body to calm down.  In addition, you can train your body to respond to the scent of these two oils so that a simple whiff will help you to associate peace and calm over time.  Applying the essential oils to pulse points during stressful moments may also help, but so can wearing them as a perfume on a daily basis to help you maintain your cool.  Training your body and mind to find the calm can be supported by essential oils, but they CANNOT balance your cortisol levels.

Getting your body back on track is my mission, so I will continue to share with you my passion about hormones, especially women’s hormones, and teaching you ways that you can use essential oils as a proactive tool to help to balance and train your body and mind.  This, in turn with lifestyle changes on your part, can help your body to reclaim its own balance and reset or rebalance its hormone levels.  There is no magic cure for hormone balance and it takes some hard work and determination on your part, but your body is an amazing specimen built to support and heal itself as needed.  Let it do its job in keeping you healthy and balanced by sustaining its needs with proper foundational habits and essential oil support.

Learn My Top 5 Oils for Creating Hormonal Synergy:

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What to Eat to Balance Your Hormones

It is not uncommon for women, younger and older, to experience hormone imbalance. Whether pre-menopausal, peri-menopausal, or menopausal, women have differing hormonal needs and can easily be thrown off, particularly because today’s food sources are often filled with substances that can wreak havoc on our delicately balanced endocrine systems, including meats and grains.

Do You Have Hormonal Imbalance?

Signs of hormonal imbalance can vary among women and depending on the particular hormones that are out of sync. However, some signs and symptoms include irregular periods, unexplained weight gain or weight loss, depression, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, appetite changes, digestive problems, low libido, and hair loss. Problems with infertility and endometriosis, and even symptoms of diabetes can be exacerbated by hormones that have gone awry.

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