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Essentially You Podcast 024: How To Be A Wellness Mama with Katie Wells

#24: How To Be A Wellness Mama with Katie Wells

Did you know that for the first time in 2 centuries, the current generation of children may have a shorter lifespan than their parents? This news was the breaking point for today’s guest, Katie Wells, who shares with us today how we can help our own break free from that statistic through the food choices we make for our families.

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Top 10 Supplements to Balance Hormones Naturally - feature

Top 10 Supplements to Balance Hormones Naturally

Sweater weather is upon us and our daylight hours are slowly dwindling. For many of us, fall and winter are the hardest months to stick with our healthy lifestyle goals. This time of year, I am so tempted to skip my workouts, pop some avocado brownies in the oven,and binge watch my favorite TV series.

We tend to cut ourselves some slack during the holiday months because, after all, we still have months before we need to have our bodies beach-ready, right?


The problem with this mode of thinking is that when we slip back into old, unhealthy patterns of poor diet and minimal exercise, while adding in the stress of the approaching holiday season, it takes a huge toll on our immune systems and our health.

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#11: The Top 5 Benefits of Aromatherapy with Dr. Mariza

Today on the Essentially You Podcast we are focusing on the top 5 benefits of aromatherapy. This episode is such a treat, as essential oils can give you so many benefits that you probably never even knew about! In this episode, we will discuss how essential oils can help your occasional sleeplessness, irritability, emotional well-being, and so much more.

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