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#121: Manifesting & Re-Defining Your Version of Wealth and Wellness with Emma Mumford

What if I told you that you have the ability to manifest the life that you want in a practical and totally doable way? That’s what Emma Mumford, aka the Spiritual Queen from London, is here to talk with us about. After her career in banking lead her to start her own business in extreme couponing, Emma realized her true passion was helping others use the power of attraction to create the lives they desire.

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Top 10 Supplements to Balance Hormones Naturally - feature

Top 10 Supplements to Balance Hormones Naturally

Sweater weather is upon us and our daylight hours are slowly dwindling. For many of us, fall and winter are the hardest months to stick with our healthy lifestyle goals. This time of year, I am so tempted to skip my workouts, pop some avocado brownies in the oven,and binge watch my favorite TV series.

We tend to cut ourselves some slack during the holiday months because, after all, we still have months before we need to have our bodies beach-ready, right?


The problem with this mode of thinking is that when we slip back into old, unhealthy patterns of poor diet and minimal exercise, while adding in the stress of the approaching holiday season, it takes a huge toll on our immune systems and our health.

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I Suffered from Rushing Woman’s Syndrome. Learn My Secrets to Balance

I will never forget when it felt like my body failed me. It wasn’t the first time, but it was surely my biggest wake-up call!

My health crisis happened in my mid-twenties, right in the middle of working on my doctorate, stressing over paying my mortgage, working and taking on too many other priorities. My body hit a wall and I was paying dearly for it.

I was suffering from chronic migraines, insomnia, being 35 lbs overweight, irregular periods and being chronically exhausted. I fell asleep in the middle of class and work several times a week, which was extremely embarrassing. I became unreliable for several months and it created a lot of anxiety.

My body simply stopped working for me…

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