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Summer Beach Mom Body with Essential Oils

Okay, Hot Mamas, it’s time to get that bod ready for the beach!
From top to bottom, I’ve got the tools and recipes that every woman needs to not only prep that bod for the beach, but to also keep it in top condition all summer long!
Let’s start at the top with your luxurious mane…or maybe not. Has it lost its luster? It’s time to give your hair a reboot from winter and amp up the shine! Check out this recipe for Lavender Rosemary Hair Rinse. It will help to restore the pH balance to your mane and repair any damage caused by winter styling.

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Fathers Day FI

Father’s Day DIY Essential Oil Gifts

Father’s Day is right around the corner and it’s a special time for us women to show someextra love and gratitude to the men in our lives. If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking that buying the same old gift cards to the same old places is achingly boring year after year. Why not spice things up this Father’s Day and WOW those special guys of yours! Whether you’re looking for a sweet and meaningful gift for your hubby, or something different yet practical for your dad, what’s better than a homemade, manly gift straight from your heart to his? Essential oils can be used to make amazing manly gifts that will be used again and again.

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