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Lemon Essential Oil Uses & Benefits

Lemon Essential Oil Uses & Benefits

Lemon oil is an essential oil that I use every single day. Lemon oil is a powerful detoxification oil that I add to my water throughout the day. I start my day by adding 1-2 drops of lemon oil along with lemon juice to 16oz of water and drink it. The benefits of this habit aids to naturally cleanse the body and support digeestive function. Although, this is my favorite way to use lemon oil daily, there are numerous benefits and ways to use this citrus oil.

Here are the top 5 ways to use it as explained in my video. Enjoy!

Top 5 Lemon Essential Oil Benefits:

  1. Support digestive function
  2. Cleanses the body
  3. Mood boosting
  4. Use as a natural cleanser for air and surfaces
  5. A powerful antioxidant (d-limonene) and helps with weight management
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Lavender Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Lavender is an incredible essential oil. It’s known as the Swiss army knife of essential oils because it has multi-tasking abilities. Lavender is one of the first oils I grab for a number of natural solutions because it’s a powerful adaptogen for the body, which helps support your adrenal system. However, it is truly a jack of all trades and there are many ways that I use lavender oil on a regular basis.

Here are my five favorite ways to use it:

  1. It’s very calming and reduces stress.
  2. It’s great for cleaning and using in laundry.
  3. It’s a fantastic flavor booster for water infusions, healthy dessert recipes and smoothies.
  4. It aids in temporary allergy and digestive support.
  5. It’s the perfect skin tonic with anti-aging properties.

In this video I share the simplest ways to use lavender and how it can benefit you and your family.

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DIY Stress Reducing Essential Oil Blend

If you are feeling stressed, anxious, or are finding yourself unable to cope, then essential oils can help you create balance in your life, while reducing stress. Their healing power is unstoppable, and it’s completely natural and therefore safe to use.

The first place to start is with some basic information about stress. Everyone suffers stress from time to time, but most of us don’t have any basic knowledge of what it really is or how it works. Our sympathetic nervous system works, along with the parasympathetic nervous system work, in unison to manage all our internal processes. Stress overwhelms these systems and causes them to cease functioning properly.

These systems are responsible for maintaining regular heart beat and blood pressure, even in stressful situations. The problems occur when we allow stress to create the “flight or fight” internal response. Hormones like Cortisol are created by the adrenal glands and released into the bloodstream. For those who allow themselves to get stressed out on a regular basis, this process will eventually cause adrenal gland fatigue and an unhealthy fluctuation of hormones. Your immune system becomes fatigued and stops working properly. If left untreated, these symptoms will continue and increase, eventually causing illness.

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